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Read more ... Eaquals members International House London are currently recruiting a newDirector of Education, a senior leadership position based at Covent Garden.Post title: Director of EducationAnnual salary: £60k + 10% bonusAnnual leave: 30 days + 8 days public holidaysWeekly hours: Full time, 35Line manager: Chief ExecutiveLine...

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Read more ...Language Teaching challenges in a globalised world18-19 November 2017, European University, Nicosia, CyprusCall for papersThe role of English as a lingua franca in today’s globalized world is an undeniable fact which has accelerated the demand for fluency in English around the world and the need to improve the quality of teaching and...

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Read more ...All In: Include and Educatewww.allinconference.comOctober 20th to October 21st 2017 The conference takes inspiration from The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (article 21) and is organised by The London School, Thiene. They are known for their quality teaching and for the belief that all learners can be successful. Over the past few years they...

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Read more ...https://www.uibk.ac.at/fakultaeten/soe/ltrgi/ealta-winter-school/ Theme: Assessing vocabulary in/for/through the language skills Programme:The aim of the Winter School is to address theoretical and practical underpinnings of assessing vocabulary and its relation to the language skills. The target audience is graduate students, pre- and...

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Read more ...The aim of this article is to discuss the validity and need for Teacher Training in our context.It goes without saying that financial as well as social changes have affected our lives and the lives of our children. Unavoidably, such changes affect the criteria which define who is a professional and who is not.It is very important to highlight from...

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Gamified Activities for Young Learners

Educators are aware that one of the main aims of teaching should be to involve all students in a classroom all the time and make them active learners who follow the lesson and the teacher, build on what they learn...

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Teaching Materials and Young Learners

The enormous amount of existing materials for the teaching of English to young learners might lead us to think that everything has been invented and nothing is left to be discovered in EFL. But when you are in a real classroom...

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Why games are elemental in a language classroom

Traditional teachers hold a common perception that all learning should be serious and solemn in nature and that if one is having fun and there is hilarity and laughter, it is not really learning. However, the field of language teaching has...

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